Getting Small Business Finances Organized

Written on January 15, 2014 at 10:01 pm, by masadvisor

I was talking with John the other day about small business finances, and he mentioned that one of the biggest issues that hinders most business owners is a basic issue.  That is keeping adequate documentation, records and organization processes.  Surprisingly the lack of organized records for one’s business finances is a big reason why either deductions can’t be taken or are the cause of other accounting related concerns.

He gave some suggestions on how to keep up with everything, including various pieces of software and some good old-fashioned paperwork organizers including receipts.  The receipts (both physical and online) can be significant when it comes to justifying deductions or possibly opening up new avenues for improved profitability.  Either way, having organized business finances will help in a multitude of ways – even if the impact is not seen immediately as an improvement to the business’ bottom line.  His suggestions were helpful as he gave some stories about how the lack of proper documentation can be cause for significant confusion, especially when something goes wrong unexpectedly.

Estate Planning And Your Finances

Written on January 6, 2014 at 9:40 am, by masadvisor

The time may come soon when you start to consider serious discussions about your affairs.  Your estate is a part of that discussion; and your “estate” can range in a state-by-state manner as to what that constitutes.  It can involve your:

  • home
  • second home and land
  • business interests
  • collectibles
  • personal items
  • intellectual property rights such as copyrights or patents
  • automobiles and other motorized transportation such as a boat
  • many other tangible and intangible assets

If you’re looking for an estate planning law firm then you’ve got some important decisions to make relating to the professional you select.  A competent lawyer ought to be able help you establish whether or not or not you need specific estate planning documents; and the documents might need to be designed in a specific method in order to assist you with your specific state of affairs.

Here are simply a number of the methods that an experienced estate planning law firm could guide you with:

  • structuring trusts to benefit your remaining heirs, customized to whether or not you’ve got kids including children who may warrant special needs
  • helping you have very unique legal documents detailing what an appointed person should do if you are medically unable to make selections
  • going over ways to donate cash to your favorite charitable organizations while still giving money benefit whereas you’re alive
  • structuring your will to extend the chances that your desires are dispensed once you pass on
  • commenting areas to you which you will want to debate with qualified financial professionals like a CPA

Of course, this is just a tiny sample of what could be employed in your specific scenario.  Again, seek out qualified legal representation to assist you.  Your estate planning attorney ought to raise many questions and ensure you to feel satisfied with everything mentioned.

Dealing with estate planning subjects is terribly uncomfortable for some individuals, whether it is the person creating the most important selections or the spouse and/or the kids.  The topic of what’s wanted when someone’s passing is sometimes never a fun subject, and it additionally will bring out significant levels of emotion.

Be positive that the estate planning law firm you select realizes the dynamics of your family and business partners.  This allows your counsel to better structure your estate planning paperwork to serve the wants you define.  Free, honest conversation is required from each sides therefore be ready to talk with a few lawyers until you meet someone whom you deem to be competent and a sensible match for your state of affairs.

New Homes For Sale Versus Existing Ones

Written on December 28, 2013 at 12:38 am, by masadvisor

Whenever you are able to buy a home one you’ll probably have plenty of concerns and questions. The topics of these questions will vary.  Many of your questions, however, will revolve around the topics of location, price, proximity to shopping and work, the quality of the local schools, your possible neighbors and other alike questions.  You will also want to know about the quality of your new home and if it is a high risk candidate for problems both in the near future as well as the longer term.  One method to reduce some of the risk of those problems is to consider a home versus the one that has prior owners.

A major reason to think about a new home is a cost issue.  While many prospective homeowners look at the initial price, the intelligent strategy is always to consider the actual expense of owning a home when you element in the likely realistic expenses.  One from the problems connected with older homes is the likelihood of a high maintenance cost along with increased monthly energy bills.  Some older properties are missing adequate insulation, have injury to the roof as a result of repeated storms, have poor weather proofing as well as some other minor problems.  Those problems can add up to wasted money each to your heating, electricity, water along with other energy bills.

New homes, with regards to the classification in your state, may also qualify for certain rates on home warranties.  In addition for your regular property insurance policy, such insurance can cover the probability of appliances breaking like central air conditioning as well as your dishwasher.  Obviously, talk to qualified pros who can guide you to providers of such policies try to read the fine print before you sign any insurance policies.

These figures are not always available whenever you search for homes online or ask your family and friends for help when calculating the expense of owning your upcoming home purchase.  Speak with seasoned experts who are honest and may give you a realistic expectation of the your true costs will likely be each month.  You may consider purchasing a new house in a good neighborhood versus the one that is slightly less expensive in a very more established neighborhood.  If both homes will provide you and your loved ones with a quality living experience, then the new house may be the better investment from a numbers perspective.  Talk using a mixture of people like your prospective neighbors, a good real estate agent, contractors and those you trust to offer the truth before you make any kind of large investment for a home or any other property transaction.

If you are interested in North Carolina properties then be sure to visit Tony’s site which offers new homes for sale in Sanford NC

About An Old Trading Software Company

Written on December 12, 2013 at 12:32 pm, by masadvisor

There used to be a stock trading software company called TradeStream which had its primary United States operations situated in Dallas.  Some of the operations can come back on the Dallas area, but here are a few of its main benefits when compared with some with the stock trading platforms maybe you have seen in the news commercials in recent times.

First, the charting was pretty advanced for its time.  In a business like intraday trading, accuracy towards the fourth decimal point is definitely important.  The trading indicators built into the charting program were accurate to that particular degree or higher. It gave its users a small competitive edge over other platforms.  Another charting benefit was that the working platform blended order execution capabililty along with charting inside the same package.  Many stock trading ordering software platforms require third-party charting packages, and infrequently the integration has a little degree of lag time.  In a company where developing honing one’s unique advantages are imperative the lack of a lag time proved to be beneficial to some users.

Next, the program platform handled equities, options and electronically traded commodities for example the E-mini futures contracts in the CME and also the CBOT.  This is different as many firms have different platforms for each type of investment vehicle.  The intraday profit and loss, and all with the associated metrics, were easily calculated together a single configurable window.

Third, something which made the woking platform unique was being able to be translated into different languages.  With the exception with the ticker symbols and a few other fields, the entire front end platform was at 10+ languages.  This granted trading firms with international offices to experience a common platform to share with you for order execution and position entry and exit strategies.

Finally, the application had a back end risk manager platform.  That piece of software permitted the trading desk or supervisory broker to hold traders from getting into too much risk, per their very own definitions.  Much as being a football coach has got to channel the aggressiveness of some of his players, the chance manager could act being a coach to maintain a trader’s aggressiveness focused whilst him or her out of too much trouble.

The technology was recently acquired which is now under the management of David Schamens.  He is a longtime veteran with the investment and trading industry.

Using Your IRA Or 401k To Buy A Business

Written on December 11, 2013 at 10:52 pm, by masadvisor

Are you considering purchasing a preexisting business within the coming months?  No appear type of small business you want to obtain, from a franchise to some local restaurant to your small manufacturing firm, you need to have collateral and financing in place to acquire the organization.  This is the case no matter whether you deal with the business owner(s) directly or pursue your buying of the company through the use of an enterprise broker.  Either way, you may qualify for the main financing through the intelligent usage of your retirement plan funds.

If you might have any from the following retirement plans then you could qualify to use the funds to assist purchase the company without incurring a tax liability for withdrawing the amount of money.  The plans which qualify include 401(k), IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, 403(b), 457, 401(a) pensions and profit sharing plans.  You will need to speak with qualified pros who understand the procedure for entity structuring in order to help you you stay compliant and concentrate on developing and growing your brand-new business.

For example, along with your qualifying retirement plan you will need some new structured entities to correctly have the funds flow in a way to be compliant.  These entities includes a new 401(k) profit sharing plan as well as a whole new C corporation strucuture.   The corporation adopts the newest profit sharing plan and also the prior qualifed retirement plan you’ve rolls over the funds to your profit sharing plan.  The new profit sharing plan then invests within the stock of the brand new C corporation.  Doing it in this way permits you to make use of your current retirement plan funds to invest in the new business without taxes, penalities and interest.  You and your staff will also be making contributions to the brand new profit sharing plan through your payroll deductions.

The big caveat the following is that you must structure everything properly and possess proper comprehension of who is the fiduciary of the plan and who has what responsibilities.  Please talk with qualified professionals and acquire definite, confirmed answers as on the responsibilites and liabilities incurred for each individual and entity involved.  It could be tricky in the beginning, however the benefit of checking process is that you can takes place retirement plan to buy a company without incurring any penalties and interest.  This alone is enough of a reason to call a qualified professional to talk about the process further together with you.

If you are looking for help on how to make use of your retirement monies to purchase a company then talk with Fred about your specific situation.